Our products are delivered by an international shipping company that can deliver within Europe.

Shipment within the Netherlands and Belgium will take on average 3 days. For shipment to other countries it is best to contact us for more details on shipment and delivery times..

Shipping costs:

Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price. Since all our products are unique both in size and weight shipping costs can vary, please contact us about the costs.


Personal delivery and assembly :

We also offer a personal delivery and assembly service within a 100km Radius of our workshop. Costs for assembly is 45 euro (incl VAT) per hour per person. Due to the weight and size of our products cat trees are always assembled by 2 persons. Transportation cost will be between 100 and 200 euro's depending on distance.


Pick up only:

It is of course also possible to pick up products at our workshop. You need to make an appointment since we do not have a regular store. Products which are pick up only can also be shipped but shipping cost are high in comparisson to the purchase price of the product. all rights reserved.

Cat trees 
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