Forrest friendly

All our products are made of forest friendly timber. Together with an employee of the state forest service, trees are picked that meet the standard we are after concerning shape and quality. Most of the timber we use grows in the Netherlands close to our workshop and is harvested in private lots owned by farmers, municipal parks and private gardens.The trees we use and harvest are mostly non-native species like american oak, douglas, bird cherry etc.


We also use trees that are considered a threat due to storm damage or location. By cutting down non-native species, indigenous trees are given more room to grow to their full potential.


Because we use timber from woods that are located close to our workshop there is less pollution to the environment since our timber doesn't have to travel long distances.


We also use a lot of recycled wood in our products. This is also a way to produce in a more forrest friendly manner. all rights reserved.


Cat trees 
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