Custom made

Treeworld also produces custom-made products,  modified as much as possible to your wishes.

The choices consist of:


Custom-made cat trees:

- Measurments of the cat tree.

- Number of seats.

- Choice of timber of the tree (depending on what we have in stock)

- Uphostry (depending on what is available)

For indoor cat trees a square oak base plate in colours natural or black.

- Wrapping parts of the tree with sisal rope.

-Starting prices:

3 seats: 499 Euro's (incl. VAT)

4 seats: 699 Euro's (incl. VAT)

5 seats: 799 Euro's (incl. VAT)

6 seats: 999 Euro's (incl. VAT)

More than 6 seats price on demand



EXTRA OPTIONS (if constuctively possible)

Hanging basket: 319 Euro (Incl. VAT)

Barrel: 149 Euro (Incl. VAT)

Quarter barrel: 59 Euro (Incl. VAT)

Stone Base: 249 Euro (Incl. VAT)


Custom made treelights:

- Choice of wood (if present in our assortment).

- Measurements of the treelight.

- Lamp armature or a hollow treelight.

-Starting price 250 Euro's (incl. VAT)




Tables and table tops:

-Kind of timber.

- Finish

- General shape.

- Starting price 999 Euro's (incl. VAT)


Order and delivery conditions:

- Buyer has to pay 50% of the total purchase price up front after placing the order. Work will start as soon as payment is received.

- Buyer is obligated to purchase the ordered product and has to make full payment at pick-up or make full payments 1 week prior to delivery date.

-Delivery cost are not included.

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Cat trees 
Custom made